Stealing Life by Antony Johnston

‘Salarum! Salarum! Salarum! I WANT MY MONEY!’

Nicco Salarum grew up in a brothel, lives in an abandoned slaughterhouse, and spends a good deal of this novel getting chased by golems. He doesn’t have the best of luck.

In debt to the biggest mob boss in town, he needs money fast. He gets an offer from a wizard: steal a magical necklace from a visiting diplomat. Simple? Not in the least. Poor Nicco is quickly pulled into an international scandal that has him chased through alley, ocean, and jungle. Muscled mobsters. Flying airships. Carnivorous beasts aplenty. And an underground of gritty characters who know how to get themselves out of trouble, usually by blaming the guy next to him…

Johnston’s style is light. No gore, just action, dare-devil escapes and some good stealth. Is it bad that I kept envisioning Simon Pegg as the likable, yet sarcastic Nicco? But maybe throw in a little Mission Impossible to get himself out of trouble…

I really didn’t know where Stealing Life was going to turn to next, but loved every shift of the plot. A fun romp. An excellent adventure.

4 out of 5 stars

Releases on November 1st.

Thank you to NetGalley, Rebellion Publishing, and Antony Johnston for an advanced copy for review.

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