Sanity and Tallulah: Field Trip by Molly Brooks

Sanity and Tallulah are back… and as crazy as ever. In such a good way. After their adventures in their first book, we’ve got a pretty good understanding of their characters and situation: Two middle schoolers living on a space station, geeking out on science, and trying to stay out of trouble with their parents.

This story focuses on a field trip to a terraformed planet… a number of complications pose conflicts along the way. There’s a mix up with the company who runs the mining operation on the planet and no one knows that they are showing up. An interstellar thief who is trying to steal the priceless minerals deep in the moon’s core. An asteroid gets past the mining conglomerate’s defenses and slams into the orbiting command base forcing the class to escape to the moon’s surface… All this happens in the first quarter of the book. It is action packed!!!!!

I like this book because it challenges the reader to understand the science behind the situations they are caught in. Brooks describes and illustrates the planet defense system and puts it on Sanity and Tallulah to solve these several problems.

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