The Devil’s Apprentice by Kenneth B. Andersen #DevilsApprentice #UltimateBlogTour #TheWriteReads

A huge mix-up… young Phillip went down instead of up. Hell instead of Heaven! Now he’s stuck with an ailing Devil whose trying to teach him to be the next King of the Dead. But Phil’s one tough nut to crack. He’s never lied, is very uncomfortable with any dastardly thoughts, and forget about any of the other deadly sins!

The Devil tries everything… in a series of tests, Lucifer offers Phillip a host of temptations. From gaining ‘friends’ to play soccer with to playing pranks on a teacher, he fails every time. The Devil cannot turn an angel into Lucifer the 2nd because Phillip knows that whatever he gains from his sins do not equal the things he needs to give up.

And then along comes a twist: The tempter, a daughter-of-a-demon slave boss comes into the picture. Satina is definitely intrigued and Phillip has a bit of a crush. Will she be able to convince the boy that he should embrace the role as the Devil’s Apprentice?

Andersen’s writing shines in the wit of Lucifer, the interior monologue of Phillip, and the colorful descriptions of a range of characters stuck in the hot place. I sped through this one in just two days. It was interesting to see Phillip and the devil in conflict. Phillip is not some nicey-nice who is too passive for his own good. He says No to the devil!

This book is about temptation (obviously), morality, and coming of age. A great combination to set in Hell! Ha! The setting was actually perfect. Andersen draws some solely unique details about it which I haven’t heard of before. Humorous and inventive…

I would recommend this book to a reader young or old who is wanting to read a lighter piece of fantasy. A book that is full of wit and couple good messages to boot.


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