The Gravediggers Union by Wes Craig and Toby Cypress

A team of gravediggers whose job is a bit more complicated than just digging holes for coffins… nightly fights with zombies, vampires, and the latest monster: a junk golem. The world is changing and they need to reach out to the other side for help. A witch who might have some answers.

A secret cult made up of the richest business in the world. They want answers, a prophesy, a telling of the future that will give them more. More money, more power. Ghost storms exploding all over the planet and no one is safe until the complex icons of the dark gods can be found.

I liked this one, but did not love it. The mystery of the occult and the trifling connection between distant past is slim at times, but the character are fun and the artwork is excellent. The bright but muted colors are washed across the dark black outlines and the exaggerated monsters are a perfect blend of scary and gross.

Bottomline, I felt like the connection between the three threads could have been stronger. I was reaching for links and struggled at times… There were several reveals in the last couple pages of the last issue of this volume. And it seemed like more of a tease than a natural progression of the story arc.

This is a fun one that was limited by some pacing and story issues.

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