The Lore of Prometheus by Graham Austin-King

Carver is a veteran of the British Special Forces. He has been in the sandbox before and has brought back the demons from that war. What would make him want to go back as a security consultant? Maybe it’s the gangster loan shark who is threatening to break his legs… or maybe Carter thinks he can silence the voices and cut the visions away. The visions of the soldiers who were killed when he was able to walk away. A miracle enabled him to stop that bullet, and survivor’s guilt gnaws away…

Mackenzie wakes up naked in a room… chained to a wooden cross and commanded to use her ‘power’ of flame. As a child, she survived a fire that killed her family, but found a way of making her peace with that tragedy by becoming an aid worker in the Middle East. She is now kidnapped and is being tested by an evil team of scientists. Demanded to perform miracles… to somehow push the limits of physical ability.

Two separate threads go barreling towards each other in this action-packed paranormal thriller. There are two things that struck me about this book. First, the theme of PTSD and how the author visually illustrates its effects on soldiers through visions of Carver’s fellow soldiers. Two sarcastic, not to mention bloody ‘ghosts’ creep up on Carver at the most inopportune moments. The second thing that I like about this book is the nonstop action. Every page contains the threat of violence, of some fight about to break out.

The Lore of Prometheus is a book that is dark and violent, but the characters’ wills provide that needed hope that things will get better. I hope Austin-Green writes more stories about these characters. Definitely Recommended!

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