Back from Hiatus. July Review/ August Preview. Book Stuff!

Hi All!

I’m back from the woods and sort of ready to start back to school. There’s about a week and a half until it starts and I have some prep to do… ugh, I started making a Things TO Do List the last week of my vacation… Why did I do that!!!??

I got sone good reading done on vacation and will be getting those reviews out in the next couple weeks…

I had a great vacation. So good that I forgot the day of the week several times! We went on hikes and visited with family friends. I had the opportunity to go down into civilization and check my email, etc, but I decided not to. I stayed ‘in the woods’ for basically the whole 3 weeks. It felt good just to get away from my phone and any distractions.

Here’s the best books I read in July.


The Turn of the Key by Ruth Ware

Alterlife by Matt Moss

The First of Shadows by Deck Matthews

And a look forward to some reviews I’ll be posting in August.


Hope you all are well!


12 thoughts on “Back from Hiatus. July Review/ August Preview. Book Stuff!

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  1. I’m so envious of your “lost in the woods” vacation! It sounds like something I need:-) I just got a surprise copy of Turn of the Key, now I’m really excited to read it!

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