No. 1 With A Bullet by Jacob Semahn and Jorge Corona

Nash Huang is an unpaid intern at a daily TV news show in Los Angeles. She’s in the thick of Hollywood… she promotes, she go-fers, she tweeeeets. As hectic as her professional life is, her home life is pretty rad right now. Her girlfriend is almost a perfect match until the network’s servers are hacked and a sex tape of Nash is released online. In the period of 24 hours, her life is thrown upside down. Her social media accounts are blowing up with trolls and her girlfriend leaves her. How will Nash put her life back together? Will she be able to get to the truth and find a way back to normal?

I’ll start with what I liked:

1. The sex tape is shot with super-tech contact lenses… a blink and recording starts. A development that will be a reality in the near future. The ramifications of this science will have to be dealt with.

2. The art of Jorge Corona. I just read a graphic novel called Middlewest that is illustrated by him. This is done by a different style, but it is awesome. He gets that L.A. vibe with a bit of the future thrown in.

3. I liked Nash. A sympathetic character for sure who is having memory problems, shock, and depression. The writers do some good things with her stages of getting over this stressful situation.

4. Some minor characters: the Colombo-esque local cop and Nash’s artist buddy. Quirky and fun.

Things I didn’t like.

Only one, but it’s a big one. The plot. I thought it was too predictable and spun off in several directions in an effort to confuse the reader. It’s a good premise, perfect for our modern times, but found the ending too quick and quite honestly, trite.

The LA scene with a huge dose of that social media plague… Great artwork and fun characters.


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