The Grand Abyss Hotel by Marcos Prior

 I’ve been mulling this review over for a couple days. There’s just so much to unpack in The Grand Abyss Hotel. Told through our modern lenses on society, either in the newsroom or on the street, it takes on all sorts of contemporary issues: Fake News, activism, and big business.

The art is some of the best I’ve seen. I especially enjoyed the multi-medium approach. From social media feeds to security cameras to traditional cartoon frames, the plot is broken up into several vignettes. A masked vigilante who takes on the police at a rally and starts a popular revolution. A famous economist kidnapped and forced to live his own theories. Each short story is wicked semi-dystopian vision filled with anger and violence.

I’m struggling with the overall message of this one. It’s not that I’m looking for a little moral easily wrapped up in a package, but it was definitely hard for me to connect the several stories together. I know what they have in common, but I’m not sure about the collective point.

It’s beautiful and dangerous, but where does it lead?


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