The Murders of Molly Southbourne by Tade Thompson

Molly breeds murderers through her blood. Every time she bleeds, a doppelgänger is born and does not stop until it has killed or is killed. And fortunately, Molly’s parents are there to protect her and give her the skills to defend herself if they are not around. How did this happen? What kind of life will Molly be able to live with this special type of hemophilia?

I read Tade Thompson’s Rosewater last year and I loved it. His writing style hovers between mysterious and terror in this one. The story is framed by Molly telling her story to a woman in a cell: more boxes within boxes! A short novella at only 125 pages, Thompson weaves a tale of fear, reclusiveness, and courage. I loved this one also for its depth and strong pacing.

Thank you very much to Tor for making this story the free giveaway for the month of June. Sign up here to join.

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