Midas (The Midas Flesh) by Ryan North (Story), Shelli Paroline (Illustrator) and Braden Lamb (Illustrator)

Earth has had two major turning points in its existence. 1. When that first creature was able to step out of the primordial soup. 2. When King Midas turned the whole planet into gold. Now it is just a hunk of gold out in space, erased from the star charts because of it danger. Y’see, the curse still holds and anyone who tries to step foot on the planet will go 24 karat.

A crew of rebels sees the planet not as treasure trove for wealth, but as a weapon to use to destroy the all-ruling Federation. Their plan is to fly through the defenses, find the source of the curse, use their technology to transport it back to the ship, and weaponize it. It works perfectly until the evil conglomerate send their Titanic ship to take out this pesky nuisance. A try at diplomacy breaks down and all that’s left is a tug of war between the three-person crew and the giant behemoth… will the rebels cut through the ethics of warfare and turn a thousand-person Fed ship to gold?

A couple fun characters and an interesting premise can’t carry this one. The story was plagued by repetitiveness… flashbacks were used to tell backstory that a reader could easily assume, and the separate comics really slowed down the plot as well as some pretty heavy dialogue. The artwork was pretty bland due to the use of only a few colors in narrow palette.

Honestly, I had high hopes for this after the first couple pages, and I thought the tone would be a bit more fun or goofy because of what I think is a pretty zany premise. But, the constant negotiating hindered the action from really getting going.

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