PTSD by Guillaume Singelin

In a near-future city inspired by Tokyo, Jun is a homeless vet who is in a constant battle with herself. Feelings of guilt, shame, and anger overwhelm her and make it difficult to function in society and make connections with others. Several people try to reach out, but she pushes back against their ‘pity.’

Jun’s most powerful drive is to get the drugs that take her away from the pain, if just for a little while. But when the dealers start shortchanging the vets in town, she fights back and starts a street war. Unfortunately, other homeless get caught up in the conflict and Jun is seen as the cause by many. Will Jun accept help, and will she be able to see beyond the simple emotions of anger and bloodlust?

Drawn in an art style that is like none I’ve seen before, PTSD is a book that thrusts the important topic of post traumatic stress syndrome upon you. Singelin shows several examples of the condition in the course of the novel in an effort to explain the many means and outcomes. One character that stood out was the dog, Red, who was given to Jun by another vet. This pseudo therapy pet gave her a dose of the unconditional love she was craving.

Strong, detailed illustrations and affecting themes make PTSD a graphic novel not to be missed.


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