Killing Gravity (The Voidwitch Saga Book 1) by Corey J. White

Mars is stuck in space on a ship that is slowly disintegrating… her SOS brings help in the form of a crew that includes a techno-enhanced fighter, a non-binary captain, and an AWOL soldier. They take her in and are generally nice, even when she surreptitiously plans to take the ship over. And the crew of the Enis find out quickly that Mars is still being hunted by the evil corporation who taught Mars her fighting skills and gave her mechanical and electronic add-ons. She’s even more special: she has telepathic power, akin to the SW force, that she uses to stave off a deep-space attack from several starships and dozens of elite space soldiers. Mars throws missiles back when they come from and slams space-walking attackers out into the abyss.

Blasting around the universe on a hell-bent revenge mission, Mars is a character that is angry for so many reasons. She is without family, without a desire to help anyone other than to match deal with deal. Mars can match bribe and wit, but she can’t accept the hand of others.

Mars hops all over the universe with at least half a dozen settings and leaves her bloody trail for all to fear… but there’s not enough time spent in between to connect with any of the minor characters. The characters we are supposed to care about are too quickly passed over. Mars gets information for her next move and jumps to another stop, closer to the top of the corporation’s food chain.

Ok, this is not to say I didn’t like this novella… but at only 150 pages, this book needs to take a bit more time to develop all the intricacies of the story. White has written two more books in The Voidwitch Saga, and I think I may pick up the next one.

Recommended for those looking for a unique character in a space opera laced with blood and revenge.

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  1. Great review Paul, and sci-fi short stories are so hard for me to get into because I feel like it is so difficult to build a world and everything in such a short time. Sorry this one wasn’t fully developed, but I hope the next books in the series fill everything out satisfyingly for you!

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