Off Season by James Sturm

Off Season is a graphic novel about a man in the middle of a separation. With two kids and a flaky boss, he is trying to manage finances and custody schedules. There are so many underlying issues that creep into this book: politics, mental health, parenting… the list goes on.

The story is told in frames that are split between the protagonist’s thoughts on the top and the story below. He reflects on the action or discusses memories or narrates along. It was an interesting way of deepening the experience of the storytelling. Oh… did I mention the character’s are drawn as dogs? Yeah. I’m doing some thinking about that. Asking myself, why?

My heart was beating pretty hard while reading Off Season. Not because of the action on the page, but because of the tension built between and around the characters.

Highly recommended!

Off Season can be purchases here on Amazon.

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