Lazaretto #1-5 by Clay McLeod Chapman and Jey Levang

Move-In Weekend at College… A time to meet new friends, feel that first independence, and maybe, pick up a deadly virus. Two introverted young people are thrust into this environment and feel very uncomfortable. Charles wants to focus on school, while his roommate sees an opportunity to sell his drugs. Tamara is struggling to deal with the recent death of her mother, and doesn’t want to get involved in the petty conflicts revolving around the dorm. Partying brings the swapping of bodily fluids and a bunch of young adults who want to mask their symptoms with self-medication and makeup. When the outbreak explodes, the dorm is quarantined. Power, medicine, and food become the new currency. Will Charles and Tamara be able to survive the horrors?

The story is told through a range of artistic devices, from flashbacks to hallucinations and full page architectural diagrams. And there’s gore. A lot of it. And I liked it. The drawings seemed fresh and each part of the dorm was drawn well.

I liked these characters. They were unique with a good dose of characterization. Their interactions tell so much about their motivations. A pair of outsiders caught up in a college culture and a zombie rage.

Yet, at the heart of it, I felt like this one did not break any new ground. A good start gets bogged down in a story arc that we’ve all seen before. But, f you’re looking for another take on the Lord of the Flies/ quarantine plot, this one set in a college dorm, pick this one up.

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