The Test by Sylvain Neuvel

Idir is a dentist from Iran who taking the British citizenship exam. He has a wife and two children and desperately wants to pass this test. A kind and considerate man, Idir is puzzled by the many questions at the beginning of the test which assess his knowledge of British culture. Yet, very quickly the evaluation shifts and questions get a bit more difficult. And Idir is caught between his positive nature and the demanding pressure from within and the external pounding of The Test.

A short story that will inevitably be compared to an episode of Black Mirror. Set in a near future where British security is at a heightened state and the vetting of citizens is at a premium, The Test makes the reader think about race, the choices we make, and the aftermath of those decisions. I thoroughly enjoyed the psychological language Nuevel employed to describe the inter-workings of the exam. This story will push you and get your heart pounding.

Definitely Recommended.

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