6 Things Bookbloggers Can Do On Vacation

1. Clean up your Bookshelves/ Kindle: I deleted a bunch, made some new categories, and found several books I had forgotten I had!

2. Read anything your want: That’s exactly what a vacation is all about. I did finish an ARC in the first couple days, but then I picked up whatever I felt like.

3. Post a Hiatus Post, and then break it right away: I found that I had more time on my hands. While I didn’t have my laptop and the WordPress app is pretty horrible for sharing posts from my phone, I did try to retweet a bunch and comment on other’s posts.

4. Binge on Book sales: There were several sales on the interwebs between Xmas and New Years. I promptly added some to my Kindle and my TBR:)

5. Search out local book stores: This is one I failed at… but I have done this before. Many shops will have ‘local’ sections with books from area authors and books set in that locale.

6. Read books about the place you’re visiting: We were fortunate to go to Maui on our vacation this year. I thought about reading Michner’s Hawaii, but 1000 pages was a little too much dedicated to one book. Instead I started Brennert’s new one, Daughter of Molokai. (And I finished it in just a day and a half). Review to come soon.

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  1. Great post!! When on vacation I often cull the bookshelves, usually finding 2-3 boxes of books that can be donated or traded in at the used bookstore. One of my favorite activities when traveling is finding local indie bookstores (and OF COURSE buying books!!!)

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