Blackwing by Ed McDonald (Mini Review)

This going to be a quick one because I’m on vacation…

Simple Plot Explanation:

The reluctant leader of an elite misfit crew finds himself intertwined in a cover-up of world-breaking proportions. Ryhalt Galharrow is a man whose job is hunting down criminals who escape the cities for the anonymity of the wasted decades-old battlefield called The Misery, a place populated by zombie-like creatures left over from the war. But things are about to change… The gods holding the puppet strings are ready to ramp up the action.

Good stuff:

Well-drawn protagonist. A dark brooding man who enjoys keeping his past in the past and his present securely in the shadows as well.

Fantastic female fighter-buddy-partner, Nenn. Her lines were some of the best in the book.

Sword/ close quarters fighting was impeccably detailed.

Original magic system made up of weaving moonlight to create power wells for users and devices.

Gods who send messengers to people through enchanted tattoos.

Ok stuff:

Some minor characters were hard to tell apart at the beginning. Political worldbuilding was heavy in places, and I had a hard time envisioning the main city setting at times.

Spoiler stuff:

Great siege/ action in the last part of the book.


The good definitely outweighs the ok in this one. I would like to see where the story goes because there’s a lot of room in this setting to explore and so much war to be had.

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