Battling Boy by Paul Pope (Graphic Novel Mini Review)

The little demi-god that could… On the day of his 12th birthday, Battling Boy is sent to earth to prove himself apart from his monster-killing father.

This is an earth that is populated by ghouls and car-eating behemoths. An earth that has just lost its own hero, Haggard West. An earth where the technology is powered by ray-tubes, and giant antennas… Battling Boy and West’s own daughter Aurora both have been forced to step up to protect the city, but one is reluctant and the other wants vengeance.

Drawn in an old-skool, Silver Age style, the monsters and the action are familiar yet fresh. I won’t give it away, but I really enjoyed two things: Battling Boy’s special powers and the brief hint of the real evil big boss man.

This is book one of a three-part series. A great middle-grade read that has plenty of room to grow in the following books.

Battling Boy trailer

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