Harden (Lee Harden Series (The Remaining Universe) Book 1) by DJ Molles (Mini Review)

It’s been several years since the outbreak of the FURY bacterium. A new loosely connected alignment of states has established itself as the UES, The United Eastern States. After firing up the nuclear power plant nearest to their base at Fort Bragg, the team realizes that to keep civilization running they are going to need fuel. The team sets off on a mission to the gulf states to try to reconnect the pipeline. Various enemies are against them at every turn: the infected, the newly-evolved primals, factions within the UES, the past President’s forces, and many other new ones thrown in.

This is Molles tried and true style. It’s a narrative filled with survival, military tactics, and power plays. I was a bit put off by some of the nightmare sequences Harden has in his sleep. Yet, I did think the multiple POVs in this one was intriguing, especially when the reader is put in the mind of one of the primals.

Overall, this is a good continuance to the original story arc. There are some flashbacks to provide background and to help readers remember some of the key past conflicts, but I would say it is necessary to read the first series to understand the characters and situations fully.

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    1. I read the first books before I started blogging. But I can tell you that I always recommend two zombie series. The Remaining by Molles and Apocalypse Z by Loureiro (done in diary format). I know there are several good ones, but those are my favorites.

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