Dept.H – Pressure by Matt Kindt (Graphic Novel Mini Review)

The weight of the sea and the weight of murder. Bearing down on you. Seven suspects in a science base seven miles below the surface of the ocean. An atmosphere of distrust, compression, and inner turmoil.

Mia has been sent to the depths of the ocean to investigate the crime scene of her father’s death and determine the killer. His past lover, his lab partner, and his son are all among the suspects. As soon as she steps off the submarine and into the airlock, further complications occur that throw her off the case.

A perfect palette of water-colored backgrounds creates an atmosphere of the deep sea. And a host of characters with hazy and dubious backgrounds make for a tension-filled ride. This book only collects the first six issues of the ‘underwater sci-fi mystery,’ but I am hooked.

I love the interplay between the dialogue bubbles and Mia’s inner-thoughts in square boxes that accompany each frame. It’s an ingenious way to track her developing suspicions and memories, which cause to further complicate and build the present stress.

A superb start to this crime-filled flood of conflict. Dept. H is a good one, a complex graphic novel that is a treat for the eyes and the mind.

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