Pigs Might Fly by Nick Abadzis, Jerel Dye (Illustrator). (Graphic Novel Mini Review)

Lily Leanchops has improved upon her inventor father’s designs and created a flying machine that almost achieves lift. But when the Warthogs of the neighboring kingdom commence with arial attacks, all of Pigdom is suddenly in danger. Spurred on by the threat, Lily completes her plane and becomes not only the first pig to fly, but one who can defend her homeland. Yet, her father is angry, and probably a little fearful for his daughter’s safety. He grounds her; out of the plane and into her room.

Lily believes she knows the location of the Hog’s base, and steals off in her plane to maybe broker peace. What she finds only deepens the schism. A threat from the past who has put his faith in magic as opposed to science. And a dark, dark magic it is… Will Lily be able to stop the invasion? Will she be able to makes things right with her father?

A well-developed mythos, and an intelligent, independent, and resourceful young woman are the two ingredients that make this work a winner. The conflict between magic and science is one we’ve run into as readers many times, but Abadzis take on it is fresh. I particularly liked the generational clash: two inventors trying to solve the same puzzle, a father wanting to protect his daughter and a daughter trying to help something larger than herself. But each blind to the other’s good intentions.

Pigs Might Fly is a very good YA graphic novel. A steampunk pig world infused with magic and fun.

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