Nimona by Noelle Stevenson (Graphic Novel Mini Review)

Who needs a sidekick when you’re an especially evil villain?  Lord Ballister Blackheart surely doesn’t need one. But Nimona is relentless. She insists that her shape-shifting power is essential to Blackheart’s evil plans. Yet, she’s a little hazy on the rules of the good guy-bad guy game. A combined effort to take down their nemesis, Sir Ambrosius Goldenloin, and the all-powerful Institution quickly turns ugly.

Nimona’s character is not one I will soon forget. Her brash tongue, her willful actions… Her “help” might cross the line, and some people may die gruesome deaths, but underneath it all is an undying need for connection, for a meaningful relationship. She finds a purpose and a bond in Blackheart, a reluctant villain and a true friend.

Lately, I’ve been making my way through several of the best-reviewed graphic novels of the last 10 years, and this one is exceptional. Nimona and Blackheart are a pair that get to the heart of growth and meaning. A work with great depth, vivid colors, and no throwaway characters. Highly recommended.

Note: This is a great time to pick up Nimona because a film is currently in production, estimated to be released in 2020.

Here’s a fun video of the taping of the audio version of the book.

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