Mighty Jack by Ben Hatke (Graphic Novel Mini Review)

Mighty Jack is a modern-day retelling of Jack and the Beanstalk by popular graphic artist Ben Hatke.

Jack’s mother is trying to keep the family afloat by working two jobs this summer, and Jack is tasked with taking care of his little sister. She’s a sensitive girl who doesn’t talk, ever. Jack buys some seeds during a chance encounter during a trip to the local flea market.  Growing a garden seems like a good diversion, and at first, it’s a way to bond with Maggie and their neighbor named Lilly, but it’s soon apparent that the plants are special and may be deadly.

This is not a simple fight of good vs evil. Jack takes on his role at protector not knowing that it would reveal just as much about his character as his sister’s. He learns patience among other things, and she experiences a new freedom.

I recommend Mighty Jack to a 5th-7th grade audience. They will find great artwork, three thrilling characters, and a dirt throwing onion-head creature who may be cute, but is really pretty scary if you think about it!

A graphic novel with a cliffhanger. Not one I’m upset about at all. The second book was just released, and I am ready and excited to get my hands on it.

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