A Big Ship at the End of the Universe by Alex White (Mini Review)

A points-leading racecar driver is framed for murder. On the run and ‘kidnapped’ by a crew of treasure hunters, the chase around the galaxy begins. A bounty, a former TV personality, and a captain who’s trying to play all sides… A Big Ship is a book that shoots the reader out of the starting gate and rarely lets up.

White’s explanation of the magic system in this book is perfectly timed. No ‘info dump’ here. The reader learns of each character’s specialties as the pages move forward. First is the driver, Nilah, who is a machinist. She’s able to link up with any piece of machinery and manipulate it’s purpose. Each character brings a new set of skills and a new conflict for the crew to try to deal with. Money, wits, and some wanton struggles… There’s also a Terminator-like robot named Ranger and a little cube that contains the AI of a past shipmate. Fun stuff!

Some dog fights, some fist fights, and a slew of magic-infused treasure hunting… this ship shouldn’t fly under the radar for long (I know, horrible).

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