Batman: Nightwalker by Marie Lu (Mini Review)

Bruce Wayne – Vehicle Code 23103. Reckless Driving.

For the remainder of his senior year, and the summer before college, he has to do community service… at Arkham Asylum. Scared Straight.

Gotham is rocked by the murder of a well-known philanthropist. A group of anarchists has been identified as the perpetrators. One is caught and put in solitary confinement.

Bruce mops the floor and Madeline sits in her cell. The billionaire and the terrorist. The two strike up a cryptic relationship. Neither giving much. But pieces of information start to come out and a plot against other wealthy Gothamites is revealed. Will Bruce be able to help stop the Nightwalker group from menacing the city?

Marie Lu’s writing continues to captivate. Her characterization of the young Bruce Wayne was convincing, especially in his relationship with Alfred. I found the best passages to be Bruce’s times of reflection into his own mythos. Obviously, he doesn’t do this consciously, but he does think about his relationship with his city. Looking back or looking forward, Lu’s insight into Batman’s legacy was very thought provoking.

Yes, the action is tight, and the reveals are worthwhile. Nightwalkers is fun. A quick, entertaining read. Recommended.

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