The Hidden Face by S.C. Flynn

When Dayraven is released after fifteen years as a political prisoner, he returns to his homeland a changed man. What he soon finds out is that the land of his fallen father has changed even more. The empire is riddled in corruption with spies in every passageway and a king who has done most of his ruling half-asleep in the royal baths.

But a time of great change is upon the land. The fifth unmasking will choose a new benefactor to a selected kingdom, and that action will tilt the power of the world. All factions vie for control over the reveal of this ultimate power.

The Hidden Face is a simmering tale of revenge and legacies, of politics and old religions, of puzzles and ambitions. Flynn creates a world stoked in political intrigue and family loyalty. A pair of creepy and deadly hunters. The double cross, or even a possible triple cross. As a writer, it seems Flynn always knows what to hold back, that missing piece you look for that keeps you reading until the end. It wasn’t without its troubles. There are some forced plot points and a troubled romance, but I don’t think these take away from the overall story arc or the great promise this series holds. I’m excited for the second installment of The Fifth Installment.

4 out of 5 stars.

Thank you to the author for the copy for review.

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