Best Reads of 2018: Nonfiction

Here's the Best Nonfiction Books I read in 2018.  Covering many different topics, from true crime to sports. These are all great works. Click through for the entire review.     The Last Cowboys by John Branch I recommend The Last Cowboys to anyone interested in The American West, agribusiness, or sports, or to anyone... Continue Reading →

Mirador de la Memoria by Ewa Miendlarzewska

Mirador de la Memoria is a life's reflection and a study into the possibilities of the advancements of neuroscience. Set in the near future, Dr Paulina Kochanowska has been put on house arrest with her personal robot Salvatore because of several experiments that push the limits of current science and have started to injure participants.... Continue Reading →

Gunpowder Moon by David Pedreira

We're the aliens here, Dechert thought, and we always will be. Yet, man will always bring vice with him. The greed and conflict. The lies and politics. In 2072, the moon is populated by several international mines boring into the dead soil for helium-3, an element now used to power reactors on Earth. An Earth that has... Continue Reading →

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