Naomi: Season One by Brian Michael Bendis (Author), David F. Walker (Author), Jamal Campbell (Illustrator, Artist)

Superman and Mongol grapple through the air… half flying, half fighting. They destroy Main Street and spark interest in a young woman to find out who her real parents are. As I’ve talked about here on the blog, I don’t know much about comic book characters so I rely on these individual books to give me enough background to make some connections. This book was achieving that goal through much of the first several issues.

Naomi was on the case… she was trying to get her adoptive parents to open up about her origin story. But then in the final issue, boooooooooom. The info dump. Several pages of Naomi hanging out listening to the guru spout knowledge (trying to keep this fairly spoiler-free.) There are some great themes that the writers are working with, namely the feeling of belonging and that of a found vs “real” family. I liked the ideas and the way they initial approached this premise, but the big reveal was just a bunch of bleh for me.

But boy is this book gorgeous. The layouts, the coloring, the characters, the details in the clothing, the hair and the expressions… Everything about this book is beautiful.

There are several of these YA-type of characters/ books that are being released right now. And comic book companies have expanded their brands to included imprints expressly for this age-group, but the core of a book has got to be the storytelling, which slipped up here in the last act.

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