Mini Review: Plannetside by Michael Mammay

First off… I was looking for another good distraction/ an easy escape and I saw reviews by Petrik and David of Plannetside. Can’t go wrong with their recs!

Planetside tells the story of Colonel Butler who is pulled out of semi-retirement (with an offer he can’t refuse) to investigate the disappearance the son of a high-ranking government official. He goes under cryo and travels months and months through space to a station orbiting a war-torn planet. He is stuck in between three entities: Special Ops, Med Command, and the base’s admins. He follows leads and even goes down to the planet to search out threads of evidence. Mammay’s characterization is good. You get a real sense for Butler’s frustration in the face of all the red tape that’s put up in front of him through the course of the book.

I liked this book because it read as more of a whodunit than a military scifi piece. You still got that sense of people pushing their weight around and all the future techno and soldiery talk, but the focus is on the evidence. Evidence that has a habit of disappearing. Distractions and conspiracy theories abound in this novel, and there’s a couple really fun techs who are on the Colonel’s side and a couple others who have questionable allegiances.

Short review, but the book is pretty straight forward. My main criticism had to do with the final reveal, which I thought was a bit lackluster considering the build-up.

A good premise and solid writing make this a fun mystery to get lost in, lost in space.

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