Resistance Reborn by Rebecca Roanhorse

Tuesday was a good morning! Resistance Reborn automatically dropped into my Kindle after preorder. Happy Oatmeal.

Premise: A group of missions aimed to fortify the rebel numbers between The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker. After the decimation of the forces on Crait, the Rebellion is in turmoil. There are only a few remaining and they desperately need to regroup. They need warm bodies: pilots, leaders, strategists, etc. People to relight that fire! They also need a place to hide until they are ready to fight again. The survivors spend the first part of the book finding allies and a place of respite. And then plot carries on from there.

Here are some notes I took while reading:

  • There is a rather large cast, but that’s ok because we don’t need much backstory on these characters because we know most of them already. And if you’re a real SW-head, you will recognize several characters from the Clone Wars. Here’s a short list of people we’ll encounter: Leia, Finn, Poe, WedgeA, Rey, C3PO, Chewie, and Cham Syndulla.
  • Leia: She is at the center of all the action in this book. Commanding and giving counsel to the many younger members of the new resistance. Yet, she takes a step back and allows Poe and others the step into leadership roles. She’s thinking about the future of the rebellion and what will happen over the course of the continuing battle. She is a mentor for Rey and Finn, but especially Poe. He has so much remorse for the mistakes he has made in his past that in some ways it hinders his ability to move forward. Leia is there to help him see the big picture and to focus on the present moment.
  • First Order bureaucracy: As with their name, The First Order thrives on structure and organization. But there are always cracks in the system… dissenters who may be willing to help out the rebels. While the resistance threads move forward in the book there is one small story that will provide key intel for our small group.
  • Yes. This book landed in my Kindle on Tuesday morning this week and I dispatched all other books to get to it. I have already bought tickets to Rise of Skywalker. My crew is ready to go on Dec 19th… Here’s the question: Is this book an essential read to get ready for the new flick? For me, yes. This book expertly fleshes out the main players in this new part of the SW journey. I knew them from the flicks and through reading some of the comics, but it was not until I read Roanhorse’s descriptions did I really get a true sense of Poe and Leia and their relationship.
  • The author: I have read both of her Sixth World books and I’m lucky enough to have an ARC of her YA Rick Riordan Presents book, Race to the Sun, which will be released in Jan. I like her writing, a lot. Her author notes in the back of the book speak of the exhaustive research she did to write this “Star War.’ And I think part of what makes this so good is her ability to mix the many missions that are going on simultaneously in subsequent chapters. This is not easily done. I felt attached to each of the threads and just wanted to find out what would happen next after some very good cliffhangers at the end of chapters.

Overall, a very good book that fills the arc between the two films. Pick it up to get ready for The Rise of Skywalker!

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    1. I really liked the way she used the characters and enhanced them. I feel like I’ve had so many years with the original cast that I really know them. These new characters are still somewhat new to me.


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