Super YA Friday: The Secret Spiral of Swamp Kid by Kirk Scroggs

First off. I love this book. Russell Weinwright is the Swamp Kid… his parents adopted him after he was found as a baby wrapped in vines just outside of Baton Rouge. Now he’s a middle-schooler with algae for hair, tree trunk sized arm, and vines that blast out of his body when he goes into the ‘green zone.’ He has a best friend named Charlotte who is committed to helping him find out his origin story… oh, and there’s Preston who hangs around and documents everything with his video camera.

Russell’s goals are to survive each day of that hell that is middle school, maybe find out where he came from, and fend off that wacky science teacher, Mr. Finneca. He tells his story through his diary/ doodle spiral notebook. A collection of ventings, secrets, and revelations about his life as Swamp Kid.

swamp 2

Every part of this book was fun: The artwork, the character development, and a connection to a DC hero who I have not encountered yet, Swamp Thing… Where on the family tree or vine are they connected? Hmmmm… Maybe we’ll find out.

A perfect blend of drama, scifi, adventure, and hero skills training… love the parts where he is developing his powers (with the help of Swamp Thing). Check this one out!

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