Star Trek: Boldly Go, Vol 1 by Mike Johnson and Tony Shasteen

I have dabbled in Star Trek. For those of you that have followed my blog, you know that Star Wars is my first love, but there have been several times in my life when I’ve flow on The Enterprise. I remember watching reruns of the original show while waiting for my dad to get home from work. Yeah, we didn’t want him to be late, but it meant that we could watch more of Star Trek before dinner… I’ve watched several of the original movies and TV shows. Btw. I loved Enterprise. Part of it is because I like Scott Bakula. I even have a couple of the books connected to that show, but haven’t found time to read them.

On to this graphic novel: I was simply drawn to the cover art. It just looked cool. This series is connected to the Chris Pine films, and honestly, that’s about all I know about how it fits into the larger ST world. But I’ll tell you now that it doesn’t matter. If you know the basic premise of the Star Trek mission, you’ll be ok because I haven’t even watched all the new flicks and I was ok.

The story starts off after the destruction of the Enterprise (I’m assuming that happened in one of the films) and the crew has been placed on different assignments until the new one is built. Kirk takes over command of another ship and Spock goes to New Vulcan on a sabbatical. As with many scifi plots, a distress signal and a warning sends the collective team into action. This is another introduction of The Borg…

Overall, I enjoyed this. It was a bit of nostalgia and some great action wrapped up in a well-drawn package. The art is a bit cookie cutter as each character is separated from the background with a very narrow white line.

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