Void Trip by Ryan O’Sullivan and Plaid Kraus

Fear and Loathing Cheece and Chong in space?

Ana and Gabe are on a journey across the universe to Euphoria… they’ve turned of the nav and thrown away the map, opting for “the journey.” Bowls of psychedelic Froot make the “trip” a lot more enjoyable, and a host of alien mercenaries (cannibal and otherwise) creates tension for the duo to get their butts in gear.

There’s some references to the almighty Hero’s Journey: the mentor, the “journey over the destination,” and the knowledge passed. But it never sustains the arc of the narrative.

The artwork is solid, detailed and imaginative. They visit several planets and meet countless

Overall, it may have been a bit too trippy for me. The payoff didn’t hit me and I found myself really struggling with the point of it all.

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