Paradox Girl Vol. 1: First Cycle by Cayti Bourquin and Yishan Li

A comedic and light-hearted look at time travel. Paradox Girl, First Cycle collects six issues of this fun comic from Image. She has the power to go ‘anywhere and anywhen,’ to help her buddy Axiom Man, and to get the bad guys to stop being bad. There are many little details that made this comic rock: her obsession with Waffo waffles that have unfortunately been discontinued for many years, her multiple selves who populate the pages sometimes hindering the mission, and her witty banter with villain and ally.

All tales are a bit of ‘twisty-tropes’ that can be a bit serious, yet a little break from the hardcore time-travel plots I’m use to. A nuisance keeping her up at night will meet its match with a teleported polar bear, and that’s just the first couple pages. A sad old man teaches Paradox some lessons in what can and can’t be fixed with her powers. One issue has several small bits with rollicking puns and funny gags.

The art is concise and condensed allowing the story and dialogue to turn the pages. Pick this one up for laughs and an admirable character to share with all ages.

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