201 Posts-in-a-Row Post… + Hiatus Announcement

Hi All!

I’ve been on quite a roll. My routine has worked out for me: three graphic novels a week and a couple novels, novellas, or short stories. It seems to keep my mind healthy and gives me a good goal. I’m having so much fun that I think I’ll just keep going for as long as I can. And I know that I’m lucky to have two healthy, good-sleeping kids who go to bed at about 7:30 every night. This allows me to ride my stationary bike and get my reading done:)

My yearly hiatus is here. I’m headed to my family’s cabin in the Sierra Nevadas for three weeks. There is no cell service and I’ll have very limited access to wifi. I have my posts scheduled, but won’t be able to comment or share much during my time away.

I’ll spend most of my days hiking and visiting with family friends. And of course, reading. I have a couple ARCs to finish up, but will spend a good deal on some books that have been on my TBR for a long time. I’m especially looking forward to getting to some that have been recommended to me by my fellow bloggers.

Happy Reading and I’ll talk to you when I get back!

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