Solo: A Star Wars Story. Graphic Novel Adaptation

I liked the flick (not as much as Rogue One), but I have to say that this book left me with a big feeling of Eh. I’m going to do this review as a series of questions and answers:

1. Who is the audience for this book? I have no idea. It might be for kids who are too young to see the film. I had a sense that all the PG material was cut out of the book like some of the gore and the heat between Han and Qi’ra. Maybe age 10-12. I really don’t know.

2. What was the purpose of turning the film into a graphic novel? Money. Pure and simple profit. The little Disney logo on the lower left-hand side of the cover… Mini-rant: I have had no problem with the core SW stories in the Disney age, but the marketing has gotten a little intense. And this book feels like marketing gone awry. I’ve heard the novelization of the film enhances the story and adds some nuggets not found on the screen, but this book actually cuts things out, including the opening speeder chase!!!

3. Did I find any positives in this book? Yes. I like the artwork. It’s half-cartoony, but a good style. That big eye, sort of elongated body look that I’ve seen before. It works. It’s not dark at all, which makes me think this may be for a younger audience.

4. Will I ever try another SW graphic novelization? No. I picked this one up from the library and saw they had an Empire one also. I’m happy that I only got this one. I can’t take any more aggravation!

Thanks for listening! That was good therapy.

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