7 Reasons to Pick Up Priest of Bones by Peter McLean

Priest of Bones is a tale of revenge, politics, and returning to life after war… Tomas Piety rides home to Ellinburg to find his businesses have been taken over. Some hidden assets, a number of his soldiering crew, and a burning desire to regain his power are all he needs to reestablish his gang, The Pious Men. The Stink is Tomas’s neighborhood. Home to his brothel, his tavern, and his gambling hall… he is ready to embolden his mates, get a stream of income, and run headlong into vengeance.

Things I liked about this book:

  1. A litany of fighting styles: swords, crossbows, and a bit of magic and powder.
  2. Fav Quote: “We had different ways of leading men.”
  3. Gangster/ soldier/ priest: Tomas Piety is a man who has the rare ability to gage every man under him with care. Yet, he’s able to take the advice of others. Oh, and he’s got some pretty cool weapons!
  4. A well-developed system of organized crime. Bribes, rank, territory, kickbacks, “taxes,” protection. “The right man for the right job, that was how I lead men.”
  5. An easy-to-read book: meaning that Tomas’s voice is almost confessional. Not much is left out. It’s not about the mystery; it’s about his hard-driving focus. He explains all as it enters his head. This is a breath of fresh air after reading so many books where I had to continue to guess as to the character’s motivation. This is not to say that Priest of Bones is a simple book. I will get to that.
  6. Depth: There are layers to this story than just revenge. Tomas has to play many roles. And unfortunately, he is beholden to several bosses, several transactions that he must take part in to help his cause.
  7. Two hardcore minor characters that I really connected with.

I will be getting the second book in the War for the Rose Throne when it comes out.  I’m excited to see what Tomas will do next!

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