Best Wishes by Mike Richardson

A “magical” fountain is moved from a small Italian town to the NYC… the first wishes, the first two coins to be thrown in the water create a link between two unsuspecting people. Cal wants his graphic design talent to be recognized, and Mary wishes her pro-football-star boyfriend would have more time for her. When the two coins land on their edges and touch in the water, wish-wires cross and the results are the twisted plot in this graphic novel, Best Wishes.

All of NYC is affected by the outcome when Mary’s doodle wins a design contest that becomes the next city-wide logo. Cal’s design is lost, but he is hired by Mary to be her assistant. Mary’s newfound fame clashes with boyfriend’s, Jet’s QB, Josh… but Josh finds new interest in Cal. A switch of kismets.

Best Wishes is a bit of a slower-paced drama. It takes time for the characters to be   revealed and then for them to move through their lives before and after the “wish.” There’s romance and a subtlety in the plot that will evolve, and it is definitely worth your time.

The artwork in this one is great. Clear with good backgrounds, minimalistic when it needs to focus on specific characters and busy when depicting a city scene.

Recommended for readers looking for a modern twist on the soul-changing plot.

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