Man-Eaters by Chelsea Cain, Kate Niemczyk (Illustrator), Lia Miternique (Illustrator)

Premise: A parasite named toxoplasmosis is linked to feline feces. All of the population has it but a small number of young women in puberty triggers a “massive cellular change,” giant killer cats. The government has taken precautions and has put estrogen and progesterone in the the public water supple.

Characters: Maude is a 12-year-old girl whose period brings an unexpected change, especially when her father is a homicide detective and her mother heads the Strategic Cat Apprehension Team. Taught for years to be aware of the symptoms and to protect herself from other “man-eaters,” Maude doesn’t know exactly what to do, but the reader finds out a bit of backstory that points to a plan she and her friends have put in action…

Artwork/ Storytelling: I loved this artwork, the layout, and the fun propaganda used to tell the story. I did find some of the lines/ ideas repetitive.

Overall: I wanted a bit more of a plot from the first 4 books of a series. The fourth issue is a satirical magazine filled with articles dedicated as info for “men and boys” to help them steer clear of the emerging man-eaters.

What you get from this comic is original humor and several good characters, even though it may be a plot you have read before.

7 thoughts on “Man-Eaters by Chelsea Cain, Kate Niemczyk (Illustrator), Lia Miternique (Illustrator)

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  1. I read & reviewed this book earlier in the year! I’m a huge fan of Chelsea Cain & really appreciate what she’s doing with this short-lived series, especially including teen girls to work on it with her!
    Great review, I agree that the propaganda is fantastic but wish issue 4 had added to the plot.
    I highly recommend Mockingbird, another short-lived graphic novel by Cain!

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