Hero Forged by Josh Erikson

Gabe Delling is a conman with countless personas to call on to manipulate his marks. But he is always strapped for cash, money he needs to help his convalescent father. And that pressure causes him to take a chance on a quick score with a team of criminals. What should be an “easy” breaking and entering to steal paintings, turns into a trap to use his body as a vessel for an evil god. Gabe fights back and the results are having a monster half in/ half out of his head. He is in control but the all-powerful Aka Manah tries to tempt him with the enlightening power of a god. 

Bonded with a succubus who entered the body of criminal on the burglary team, Gabe has two goals: run the bounty on his head set by the Witch Queen, Gwendal, who summoned her husband from the ether, and try to figure out a way to rid himself of the monster in his head. A conman is on the close to talk his way half out of possession, a “vanilla human with god juice bursting out your seams…” Gabe searches for a magical equation to rid himself of this powerful parasite… solve for eXit. 

Erikson excels in the description of the ether and the transitions of bodies to spirits. He calls on a plethora of beings, from giant locust “dudes” and biker gangs of magic-sniffing Hounds.  One thing I particularly enjoyed were excerpts of Gabe’s memoir that serves as epigraphs for every chapter. He’s written this as a guide to conning / tell-all book that will hopefully make him a mint. 

A battle of wits, magic, and sensuality, for his own mind, body and soul. Filled with laughter-out-loud humor, and unique descriptions of hellion-gore, this one is a solid page turner. 

Highly Recommended for any fan of Urban Fantasy and beyond. 

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