Curse Words Vol. 1: The Devil’s Devil by Charles Soule and Ryan Browne

A wizard is transported to NYC on a mission to take over the planet. Wizord meets with his rat emissary in Central Park. He reports that Earth will be easy to take over because of humankind’s decadence and reliance on the plethora of available vices. But gazing around at the women and the power he could have on the little planet, the wizard decides to stay.

One by one, his boss sends his denizens to take out the wizard, but he keeps defending himself and Earth with it. He’s making some mistakes along the way for sure… like the time he shrinks an entire stadium full of people. But he tries to make up for it. And his little mascot, who turns in a koala for aesthetic reasons, acts as his Jiminy Cricket, sort of…

This is a really fun one. An evil wizard who grows a heart? Maybe… but there’s a little social commentary and a lot of humor. I love the bright cartoony artwork and the PG-13 dialogue. There’s a nice pacing to the storytelling as Wizord gets into trouble and tries to find the easiest way to get out without breaking too much of a sweat. It’s an original and light-hearted comic that can be enjoyed for the art as well as the plot.

If you like Image comics, I would definitely recommend this title! I’m definitely going to move on to Vol. 2.

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