Bully Wars Vol. 1 by Skottie Young and Aaron Conley

Spencer is ready for high school. He has all the necessary books for his new classes… but he’s reminded on his way to the bus stop that one thing is going to follow him from middle school, the bully Rufus. Since kindergarten, Rufus has been all over Spencer and his friends, twins Edith and Ernie, and he thinks this year will be no different. Yet, as soon as he steps into the hallways, a new/ old bully emerges, one who has dominated Rottenville High for many years (will Hock ever pass the 9th grade?).

The crew of Spencer, Edith, and Ernie soon find out about a contest called the Bully Wars that pits all the bullies against each other to find out who is top dog… They strike a deal with Rufus: If Spencer and his friends help him win, they will be free of harassment for a whole year. A boot camp of exercises and a cram session of intelligence ensues to get him ready. And then The Bully Wars begins!

Cartoony greatness. Gross-gunky humor and plenty of action-packed craziness.

Recommended for any kid/adult looking for a tale of unlikely allies and all kinds of laughs.

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