The Weatherman Vol 1. by Jody LeHeup and Nathan Fox

On a terraformed Mars many year in the future, the population is grieving the loss of 18 billion people lost to a terrorist attack that destroyed Earth. The government is desperate to find the assailants after several painful years of investigation. Agent Amanda Cross has followed a lead to a popular weatherman, Nathan Bright. It seems he is one of the perpetrators, yet he doesn’t know it. His body has been morphed and his memory has been wiped. But she believes that those memories are out there and can be plugged back into his head. They can lead investigators to an impending crime that may be even worse than that on Earth.

Mind bending. Mind blowing. And action packed. Car chases. Shoot outs. And full of zany characters. I loved this one!

The art is bright and dynamic, shifting from space to land in the blink of an eye. Time shifts keep you on your toes as background is quickly inserted in many creative ways.

I thoroughly recommend this one!

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