Hobo Mom by Charles Forman and Max de Radiguès

Everything about this book is subtle. The artwork, the story, the characters. A simple plot: A drifter mother comes home to visit her 8-10 year old daughter and her estranged partner. After a couple days, there is a possibility she may stay…

Laced with themes of longing, secrets, sexual tension, and unbalance, Hobo Mom is a book that has depth, but I’m just not sure how much. It’s only about 70 pages, and although I thought about the consequences of the character’s actions for a bit, it didn’t resonate with me.

Quick warning of caution: there is nudity and some sexual situations. Just pointing this out because I was a little surprised when I came upon it in the book. It’s not offensive, but I didn’t expect it from the tone at the beginning of the book.

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