Imagine Wanting Only This by Kristen Radtke (Mini Graphic Novel Review)

Radtke’s memoir looks at loss, relationships, and our limited time on earth. The narrative starts with the story of the death of a favorite uncle due to hearth disease, and moves to memories of art school and the beginnings of her relationship with a long-term boyfriend. She travels and sees the world, but focuses her sightseeing on ancient ruins and urban decay. These places symbolize the corruption and dismantling of the future, and juxtaposes with her own possible heart problems.

I felt lost at times in this book. Many tangents are loosely connected to the main themes and are not drawn squarely from her own experiences, so the book pulls away from the memoir genre. The artwork in intriguing, especially with a mixing of mediums of illustration and photography on some of the pages.

It is very hard for me to rate or say whether I would recommend this one or not. It is a contemplation of many things running through a young person’s head. You may really connect with this book or you may not. I found it truthful and authentic to my memories and/or introspection at times and in many places it was very difficult to relate to.

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