MIS(H)ADRA by Iasmin Omar Ata (Graphic Novel Mini Review)

A powerfully-styled graphic novel about a young Arab-American man’s experience battling the strain of epilepsy. Isaac is a college student who is quickly falling behind in his studies, and the cycle of triggers is wrapping itself around him. Lack of sleep, dehydration, stress, and anxiety rule his days, and he has little support from his family. Misdiagnosed as panic disorder and feeling at his wit’s end, depression starts to set in, but one friend reaches out and shows him an empathy and caring that he’s never felt.

Told with vivid and profound style, the graphic novel is really something to see and experience. I found the most powerful pages were the ones depicting the seizures themselves. Dominated by attacking swords of anticipation and bright flashing strobe colors all encircled by blackout darkness. The snowball of pain and worthlessness is only offset by a hope that is finally found in the end.

Highly recommended!



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