Hey, Kiddo by Jarrett J. Krosoczka (Graphic Novel Mini Review)

Hey, Kiddo is a memoir about how one defines family, lives with addiction, and just, grows up. All tough on their own, but a real struggle when combined in the life of a young child. Thankfully, Krosoczka discovers and finds a refuge in his art. Told in a series of memories and anecdotes, there’s a fine balance in the tone to create a spirit of optimism and hope.

Born into an addict’s home but obviously, too young to understand, Krosoczka was soon turned over to the guardianship of his grandfather. Even though his grandparents are almost empty nesters, they open up their house to their grandson. It would have been fortunate if this was a perfect refuge for the young man, but it did provided a consistency he needed.

The author graduated one year behind me in school, so I appreciated many of his references and felt a kinship for his late 80s experiences. I was first introduced to Krosoczka’s art through his Star Wars Academy books. His style doesn’t disappoint here. He explains his artistic decisions in a couple pages at the end of the book, commenting on the absence of defined lines in his panels and color palette.

Raw and affecting, yet inspiring and hopeful, this is a beautiful piece of art.


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