Killing and Dying by Adrian Tomine (Graphic Novel Mini Review)

Your new business venture is not taking off. Six years of trying to peddle garden art.

Your doppelgänger is a porn star.

You’ve moved in with the guy you met in recovery, who now deals drugs and is slowly becoming more possessive.

You battle with your daughter over trying stand-up comedy.

You find the keys to the old apartment you used to share with your wife.

You have difficult memories of bringing your child to the United States to reunite with her father.

Six stories about modern life. Dark humor and some hope. Tomine’s deep and burning perception of character is this work’s best asset. Simply drawn with a minimal color palette. The focus in these stories is the pain and frustration that life gives each of us, but each story ends with a transition, perhaps not a neat one, to another step of the characters’ journeys.

I recommend Killing and Dying to those looking to experience the great depth that a graphic novel can bring. Very well done. A look into the heart of the suburbs. Life in transition. Highly Recommended.

Order from Amazon here.

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