Echo North by Joanna Ruth Meyer

Once upon a time there was a book named Echo North. Within its pages holds the story of a young woman who gets tricked by a magical wolf only to lose her family. One year with the wolf in the woods in exchange for the life of Echo’s father…

Deals are made, and she is taken to a magical house under a mountain filled with an ever-changing kaleidoscope of rooms. Some are filled with danger and some with delight. Every day she is able to explore a few more rooms and the wolf further explains her predicament. He is the keeper of the house, yet after this year he will die and the house will fall apart. Echo and the wolf strengthen the seams by trying to bind the rooms tighter to each other…

The most fascinating is a room with its walls full of book mirrors: enchanted doorways into magical stories. Echo escapes into these stories and finds people she can interact with and what she hopes will be clues to counteract the house’s curse.

Magic, mystery, and music. An atmosphere that burns a strong tension throughout. Is the truth that hard to tell? And help that hard to accept? There are always deals to be made, love for life and sometimes more.

Filled with incredible storytelling. A mix of fairytale and adventure. Meyer writes Echo as a young woman bent on finding the truth, her love, and her destiny. A fully-formed character. Caring, broken in many ways, violent when needed, yet always striving forward.

Once upon a time in a story about the woods and the wind and love.

4.5 out of 5

Releases on Jan 15th.

Thank you to NetGalley, Page Street Kids, and Joanna Ruth Meyer for an advanced copy for review.

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