One Trick Pony by Nathan Hale (Graphic Novel Mini Review)

In a post-Alien-decimated Earth, scavengers roam the wilderness looking for anything they can use to survive. Some hunt solely for food, and some for tech in an effort to preserve the passing way of life. Yet, the aliens are hunting also. The Pipper (aliens) vessels emit bubbles that trap anything metal and send it soaring upwards, towards the master ship in the sky.

Out looking for loot, Strata and her brother find a robot horse and a lost alcove of precious technology. The Pippers are quickly upon them and they must flee. Lost and deep in the hot zone of alien territory, the young people must fight their way home to their parents.

Creepy floating aliens, a mobile crawling city, and roaming feral tribes create an exciting new earth. A strong and independent main character made for a fun lead, and each secondary character adds to the story. My main critique has to do with the ending. It was too manufactured and abrupt. A sort of a ‘huh, really? That’s how you’re gonna do it?’

I would recommend this to a 10-12 year old audience. It’s not too long and has a complex enough story for some interesting discussion.

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